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Images in collaboration with Francesca Carpinelli of Cocina Vegano


Gardening comes hand in hand with cooking. In college, I experimented with something called the 100 mile diet, where for a whole year I ate only local foods. I learned a lot in that year about food and the agricultural system. It wasn’t easy to feed myself all the items I wanted in such a small radios and I quickly learned to respect where my food came from and how far it traveled. I was already gardening and the love of plants was instilled into me from my earliest memories of transplanting houseplants and splitting tulip bulbs.

The high cost of organic food when I moved from a rural to an urban setting made me double down on my summer gardening plans. I think all urbanites know how food cost changes when you move into the city. Now from my cinder block raised beds and balcony containers, I grow a lot of what we eat and I want to teach people at any level of their culinary and gardening skill set how to love all aspects of plants and learn to cook nutritious things we grew close to home. If you can’t dedicate to growing even one container plant of tomatoes after a year of reading my blog, then I hope at least you will spend your summers shopping at farmers markets.


Images by NikofThyme

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