Emma’s Oven S’mores

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As a baby born in February, I hated it.
The worst part of winter is February, that’s why it is blessed with being the shortest month.

Every year on my birthday I dreaded the snow and slush and cold wind that would accompany it. I longed for a summer birthday. I dreamed year after year of my favorite dessert, S’mores. Something we would only make out camping, over an open fire. My soul longed for them every winter and I took another bite of marble cake with white frosting. Chilled and upset about the scoop of ice cream that was an insult to my already cold day.

My mother tried once with marshmallow over the stove, and other attempt in the microwave, of course neither compared to the crunchy open fire roasted flavor. Still, those gooey marshmallows over chocolate in crunch cookies lifted my spirits in the dead of winter.

It was city ingenuity. The fact of living in a small space and never having a fire that accidentally brought me and the best indoor s’mores method together. We were in DC and my friend Emma, who is an amazing pastry chef, invited me over for dessert. She casually mentioned it would be s’more. It was summer and I didn’t think much of it.

That night Emma used her oven to melt a layer of chocolate and marshmallows together into a puddle of smooth, toasty delicious goo. We used Graham crackers to scoop up the filling and delighted as the marshmallows stretched and stuck to our faces. As I sat content, my fingertips still sticky I knew this was the best indoor s’mores method I had ever seen.

Over the years I have made this recipe countless times, and it never fails to make me happy.
I’ve found it best to scoop out the filling with a spoon and serve over a graham cracker as a normal s’more would look.

So it’s it’s cold and snowy February or you are eternally stuck in the city, I hope you try out this recipe soon to lift your spirits and remind you of camping. You can make them anywhere you have an oven, even at the beach. So you shouldn’t feel like this is a winter only recipe.


Emma’s Oven S’mores


200 g semi-sweet or vegan milk chocolate
1 bag marshmallow of choice, I use dandies
Graham Crackers (1 sleeve)

Use a shallow pie pan, or any round cake pan.

Break up the chocolate into the bottom of the pan,
The size doesn’t really matter as it will melt, but get an even spread around the bottom of the pan.
Cover the chocolate with a layer of marshmallows. Arrange them so that the whole chocolate layer is covered.

Toast in a preheated oven at 375* for 15-20 minutes or until the marshmallow are golden and toasty.

Scoop out with a spoon and serve sandwiched between two squares of graham cracker cookie.
Best served warm

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