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One week vegan.

That’s all I ask.
Try it out. Why not?

I’ve crafted a One Week Vegan Meal Plan, (link below) complete with 3 full meals each day and a snack.

It’s right in the Nik of Thyme, don’t you think? More and more and more people are looking for vegan recipes and balanced choices for their busy families. Veganism is blowing up, haven’t you noticed?

My cousins have asked, my friends have asked, and even strangers have asked.
Everyone wants to know how I survive, what I eat during the week, and especially what’s for dinner?

I created this one week meal plan to answer all those questions and to show you into my real weekly kitchen.

More importantly I created this meal plan for Mariana Toasty Toast who had the most questions of all.
Why are you vegan? For how long? Is it safe? What do you eat for breakfast? Is it hard? Do you ever miss xyz? Do you think other people should be vegan?

When my friend Mariana first contacted me on Instagram she was already drooling over my dishes, and clammared to know what was inside and how did I make it.  At first, she didn’t even know the food was vegan but soon she became very interested. What is that? She would ask. How does it taste? Mariana, like most of you, is not a vegan, but like me she is open minded, adventurous and in love with food.

Mariana moved to New Jersey about the same time that I came to the Yucatan and she started learning English the same way I started my Spanish, in the trenches and the kitchen, between grocery store aisles, with each new package and sign, behind the glass of a pastry counter, across a coffee bar and by reading bistro menus.  Living life.

Why did Nik become vegan?
In the end it comes down to a tie between Buddhism and environmentalism, at 13 I was already reading books about the Buddha and the 4 noble truths. It wasn’t until 16 that I started to exercise the freedom of choice and at 17 that I became a full vegetarian.  Veganism came a few years later when food started to make me sick, I started looking around local Iowa and Illinois farms and I began to see food wasn’t only making me sick but it was making the land and the water sick too. I became vegan because Buddhism says to harm none, and it feels like the best way to currently live that truth.

Is it safe?
Firstly, yes.  Even for children veganism can provide a full course of vitamins and nutrients.
However, to do that a wide variety of plants and seeds should be eaten. If you only eat potatoes and onions, you may be vegan but you won’t be very healthy. The recipes here reflect a variety of proteins and nutrients, I use a lot of different veggies in each dish and I encourage you to do the same. I am heavy on the ginger too because the vitamin c helps you absorb iron.  Learn about food and you will learn to eat intentionally and never fear for lack of vitamins.  Actually well balanced vegan diets may even be healthier as they are low in cholesterol and other saturated fats, but in the long term humans may still require a multi-vitamin or a B12 supplement. Seek out a certified nutritionist if you have any doubts. 

What are the benefits of veganism?
More energy and better skin complexion, for starters.

Positive changes to the environment. Going vegan saves grain and water resources which even just by doing Meatless Monday can add up in a world of 7 billion people.  They say being vegan for one day saves the same resources as not driving over 300 miles. If a whole family skips meat and cheese for the day it’s the savings of a average 5 weeks driving. Imagine what a whole week would do!

Is it hard? Do you ever miss anything?
Like most of my life I look at it as a meditation, albeit, a long term meditation.
When you get use to it being vegan is just as easy as breathing, when it’s hard there is always pinterest for inspiration. When everyone is eating pizza or empanadas, I do sometimes miss cheese, but I love cashew cream and honestly can’t complain.  I miss most often NOT food, but the convenience of food. However, this is when it becomes a meditation, I remind myself how lucky I am, how I am not starving and how I am not harming others.  This helps me pass over temptations and enjoy the decision to become vegan without feeling any regret.

What do you eat for breakfast?
The same things as you, just without the eggs.
I like oven potatoes and beans, or pancakes, waffles, bagels and especially chilaquiles.
Which is exactly where my one week vegan meal plan will start.

These recipes and this whole manual really came about because of a challenge Mariana created called A Better Me. I’m still finishing my 30 day challenge, but each day I learned to direct my energy to focus on my personal space and well being.  It was through the act of being focused and aware of myself that I had the power to create this week full of recipes. It’s a lot of work to design, test and photograph recipes and I learned a lot of respect for anyone who does projects like this. I also learned that even though it’s hard work, it’s work I love to be doing.

I am challenging Mariana now, and also celebrating her
 because it takes a real lover of food to go vegan, even just for a week. I always joke that becoming vegan is decided to become a cook.  It’s true though, the world has more options, but nothing replaces the taste of the home cooked version.

With 3 recipes a day, this is a perfect week in the Nik of Thyme world.
Not even I cook like this every week, usually there is a meal or two with leftovers in any given week.
I understand, not everyone is a homemaker and can afford the time and energy to cook 3 times a day. The real world isn’t perfect, but you should at least have the chance to try.  I also want to make it easy for you. Double the dinner recipes each night or prep a lunch or two for the whole week. That way you can use this one week meal plan for a two week challenge, or anytime your vegan cousin comes over for dinner.

Happy cooking, let me know if you have any questions.

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