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I’m posting this as a happy Valentines day but no matter what day you come across it I hope it’s a celebratory one.

Chocolate milk is for the kid inside of us all.
It makes me happy and whole to feed that inner child.

Coming soon – what to do with the left over almond pulp.

Do I need a nut milk bag?

I have never used anything fancy.
Right now I have small a muslin cloth bag I sewed up quickly for the purpose, but I’ve never bought a nut milk bag.
Things that I have used:
Cheesecloth (a couple of layers)
A clean old t-shirt (or large cotton square)
A kitchen towel that doesn’t have a lot of fiber (like old linen or cotton)
A strainer with nothing else

Yes! When all else fails I just send the nut milk through my regular mesh strainer. Honestly what is the worst thing that happens? Answer: You get more pulp in your milk and your pulp doesn’t get as dry.

As long as you are willing to still eat both, you aren’t losing anything and you are making homemade nutmilk on a shoestring or college budget/lifestyle. Use that strainer, make your homemade milk. Buy less things and make less trash. You are a nut milk making rockstar!

Thanks, reader, for going long with that.
Now back to your inner child and that Chocolate Milk you need.

Chocolate Almond Milk Recipe

1 cup almonds
4-5 tablespoons dark cocoa powder
2-3 pitted dates (optional)
1 t vanilla
1 1/2 liters (6 cups) water

  • The night before soak the almonds in a bowl of fresh water. Cover by 2 inches with water.
  • In a separate bowl small bowl or cup place the dates and just cover with water. You don’t need a lot, but all the dates should be covered.
  • The next morning, strain the almonds and rinse with water.
  • Place the almonds in the blender with 2 cups of fresh water.
    (I use a normal blender, but if you have a high powered one it will certainly be smoother.)
  • Blend until the almonds are completely smooth.
  • In a big bowl, strain the almond liquid through a muslin or cotton cloth and press well to get out all the creamy liquid. It can get messy as you squeeze, make sure your bowl is wide enough.
  • Once you have extracted all the liquid you can, place the pulp aside for other recipes and return the creamy almond milk to the blender.
  • Blend with the dates (add all their water), the cocoa powder and vanilla until everything is well combined.
  • Pour the blended chocolate milk concentrate into a large glass jar and mix with 1.5 liters of water. (aprox 6 cups)

Enjoy chilled or over ice

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