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Birthday, Valentines, just a regular Wednesday.
This easy gluten-free vegan cheesecake is perfect for all your occasions.

My goal with Nik of Thyme has been to share the possibilities of slow, homemade food.
With February finally here I am ushering in my first of hopefully many birthdays on the blog.

This vegan cheesecake is the epitome of my Nik of Thyme journey thus far. It is homemade, and doesn’t even use store bought cream cheese. Even better, It’s gluten free and uses no weird equipment or processing.

The only unusual thing about this cheesecake is cassava flour. To my luck Bob’s Red Mill has recently started carrying this gluten free four. I have been using it for years because the Yucatan is full of cassava products, but it was little know outside of tropical cooking.

What is cassava? Why, a root. Sort of like a super starchy potato.

As a root it’s super amazing to work with, It has a good texture and can be steamed, baked, fried or boiled.
However, be warned it takes time and knowledge to process a cassava root. There is a fibrous layer that is also slightly neurotoxic if not fully cooked. It’s very important that if you are using the whole root to know what is removed and how. In flour form, no worries! It has already been cooked and process correctly for you.

Therefore, this cheesecake is only possible thanks to cassava flour, and I hope you go out and buy some just to try out this recipe and many more I have coming.

I’ve been mastering this recipe for more than a year. The first one was too expensive, then is was too thick and cake like. I’ve been wanting to make a whole ingredient baked cheesecake for a long time but until my birthday last year I didn’t have enough reason to. Vegan cheesecake was something I did raw an was happy enough. However the first bite of this creamy room temperature cake changed my mind forever.

Finally I’ve gotten it. A gluten free, nearly processed food free, baked cheesecake.

Honestly, that’s all you need to know. There are no water baths or special processes.

I bake this low and slow, but it doesn’t even require a springform pan. I use a normal deep baking dish with a parchment paper liner for easy removal.

A very happy (un)birthday month to me and to you.

Nik’s Gluten Free Baked Vegan Cheesecake

Filling Ingredients:
125 g organic silken tofu
100 g organic cassava flour
80 g organic coconut oil
200 g organic coconut milk
120 g organic raw cashews (soaked 8 hours in water)
1 t vanilla extract
160 g organic maple syrup (or agave)
2 t organic lime juice
¼ t sea salt
1 T nutritional yeast


70 g oats
100 g organic pumpkin seeds (or almonds)
¼ t sea salt
2 T sugar (optional)
40-60 g organic coconut oil

Frozen berries
2 T agave (optional) 

Soak the cashews 8 hours/overnight.
The next day, preheat your oven to 350*F or 175*C

To make the crust. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor, use 40 g of oil and process until everything is sticking together. Add the last 20 g of oil only if the seeds and oats are not coming together when pressed between your finger and thumb.

Line an 8in round cake pan with parchment. It can be a springform, but does not have to be.
Press the crust into the pan until well compacted and evenly spread. I like to form a higher ridge around the outside but this is your choice. The cake will hold without a rim.

Drain the soaked cashews.  
Process all the filling ingredients in a food processor until very smooth.
Pour over your prepared crush.
Tap the dish lightly on the counter to allow air bubbles to escape.

Bake in a preheated oven uncovered for 35-45 minutes.
The cake will be well browned on top and starting to crack.
This is how you will know it is done.

Allow to completely cool to room temperature before topping with berries and cutting.


Happy Day!


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  • Stacie Smitherson

    So creative! I’m trying this!

    • Nik

      Thank you, I hope you enjoy!

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