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I live and write and work for the day every human has plants near to them, and good food to eat.

Nik Jameson

Ah rest the best medicine.
It’s marketed to us now, but it’s also true we need rest.
We can’t survive without rest.

So that’s where I’ve been, that’s what I’ve been doing. Resting my mind and body, taking time for slow walks, hammock naps and long cooking projects. Taking no (or few) pictures of videos, just being connected for a moment to the earth and myself.

Thanks for still being here after a couple of months, waiting for content and sending me e-mails full of questions. I love you folks and you make me want to keep writing and putting in the work to bring my Yucatan garden through the internet to you.

What does 2021 – the start of the decade hold?
I tend to shy away from goals and resolutions. Last year I set the goal of learning 5 casseroles. It seems reasonable for me to set modest goals. I made a total of 3 casseroles and still feel happy about the progress.

3 is a good number.
This year Nik of Thyme will turn 3 years old

In honor, I’ve set 3 goals for this blog:

1. Set up and use my monthly newsletter.
2. Redesign the website to include a search bar and some other good things.
3. Continue to grow my article topics, consulting abilities and garden offerings.

It’s only a few goals, but each is full of lots of little things to do.
It’s been beautiful to watch the slow and steady growth of my hobby blog and to see so many people interested in tropical and hot weather gardening.ya. We share space and must continue to do so the most sustainably.

I’ve always written from my heart and from what inspires me or from what my garden lead me to need. I will continue to write this way, but will also start to write more towards my goals, ideologies and practices for how the world, especially the food system, should look.

I’m no expert, I’m honestly more of an artist but I believe in practicing living gardening and respecting the Earth we sleep on. I grow food to nourish my soul and the pandemic lockdowns have taught me I grow food to nourish my mind too. Touching the earth is a form of meditation, a practice of mindfulness a deep breath in after a long day. I live and write and work for the day every human has plants near to them, and good food to eat.

These keystrokes are opinions, experiences, tales and stories. These keystrokes are activism, art and inspiration. I’m humbled by how many say “I’ve started a garden.”  or “I’m growing plants.” or “I got my first seeds.” I’m happy to have had these 3 years with you to figure out my style, my growth and where my heart lies. I have now my plan, my path for life and each day the stepping stone becomes more clear. I will lead forward a step at a time with my heart full of love and my mind as open as I can be.

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