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Saturday mornings growing up I could always (or at least often enough) looked forward to the same breakfast, eggs and pancakes.

It was a happy break from the cereal, oatmeal my mother fed us the rest of the week. Even my dad, a famously limited cook knows how to make us eggs and pancakes. The tradition continued even as I became vegetarian in high school. When I became a vegan I began searching for my vegan pancakes and eggs. 

Thankfully making vegan eggs and pancakes isn’t really that hard anymore many brands have solved the pancakes problem, including Aneva here in Mexico. If you crack open the pages of any vegetarian cookbook you will find one ubiquitous chapter. Tofu. 

It hasn’t been a meat substitute for thousands of years for no reason.
Tofu got its start throughout Asia and quickly spread during the 60’s and 70’s when the healthy, whole foods market started to grow. Tofu was then and is still now, easy to find everywhere. 

People will tell you tofu is hard to work with, but today I will prove them wrong.
The sneaky part about tofu is in the transformation. Many will say one of two things “it doesn’t taste like anything.” or “it was too soft.” The tasting like nothing is true, but that’s secretly the best part about tofu. You can add any flavor to it you want. It has no boundaries because by itself, I agree, it taste like nothing.
You can add thyme or soy sauce, turmeric, garlic, even pre mixed spice blends.
Better news, the “it’s too soft” complaint, doesn’t matter with eggs! 
However, here’s a sandwich recipe and tofu tips I wrote if you are looking for firm tofu. 

Helpful Tofu Tips:

  1. Buy the refrigerated in water type of tofu.
    The tetra packs on grocery shelves are great for their long shelf life but are best saved for smoothies or pudding like desserts, it isn’t suitable as a cooking tofu. The refrigerated tofu will want clean water daily. Today’s recipe calls for ½ a block. The rest you will want to store in a closed plastic container covered in water. Change the water every day until you use up the tofu.

  2. Look for firm or extra firm.
    This is the best tofu for stir fries and the front of the package will clearly label to tofu on a scale of 1-5 and many will even add a cute “I’m good in” drawing.

  3. Buy organic.
    Tofu got a bad name for a few years, but to be honest that was a good thing too because now the market if full of non-gmo organic soy products. Many will even tell you the country the soy came from if you want to support only ethically grown soy and not rainforest grown products. 
  1. Drain the tofu, and press it if the recipe calls for it.
    Today’s recipe will use tofu directly out of the water, how easy.
    However, many recipes call for pressed tofu. This means you will put the tofu between two plates with something medium-heavy to lightly press out the extra water. I usually press tofu 1-2 hours. 

Onto the recipe!

I’ve found a well prepared tofu scramble packed with veggies along side my stack of pancakes takes away all my childhood cravings. You don’t have to wait for Saturdays, enjoy this egg recipe next to a tall stack of pancakes any day of the week.

Tofu Scramble Recipe

½ block firm tofu
¼ t salt
pinch of pepper
¼ t ground turmeric
1 garlic clove (pressed)
¼ white onion
½ red pepper
½ poblano pepper (optional)
1 tomato (optional)
½ zuchini (optional)
1-2 mushrooms (optional)

Drain the water off of you tofu and place in a bowl with the salt, pepper and turmeric. There is no need to press the tofu.

Use a fork to mash the tofu into smaller pieces and mix all the spices in at the same time.
Chop the vegetables you are going to use.
Heat a nonstick skillet and stir-fry the garlic and vegetables 2-5 minutes until they begin to soften. (add water splashes if needed to prevent sticking)
Add in the spiced tofu to the skillet and mix well, cook for 5 minutes.
Stir occasionally to prevent sticking. 

Best served with pancakes or between sourdough bread.

Recipe Notes:
All the vegetables are optional, but they add flavor (and vitamins)
The spice blend and garlic is essential for flavor. 

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