Vegan (Alcoholic) Irish Cream

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I don’t know what it is about this product, I don’t know why it has captured my heart. Maybe because it was special in my house for the holidays, or maybe because it was the sweet gateway drink for many of us. It is so sweet you can barely tell it’s alcoholic. It is so sweet and creamy it pairs well with your morning coffee.
Bailey’s Irish Cream, why do you have to be so good?
Why do you have to have so much cream?

I couldn’t take it anymore. After years of pining nostalgia I have put myself to veganizing Alcoholic Irish Cream.

Now I can’t stop drinking the stuff (sugar is a funny little addiction). The cold creaminess is perfect as an after dinner snack. I have to stop myself from drinking more than 1 portion. I don’t think I’ll keep this Irish cream in my pantry full time, but as a holiday drink it is unmatched. 

I’ve tried it iced, in coffee, in hot chocolate, in brownies, and over waffles.
How else can it be enjoyed? You tell me. 

Vegan Alcoholic Irish Cream

½ c cashews
½ c almonds
3 cups water 
¾ cup Sugar
1 t vanilla 
½-1 cup Whiskey (of choice) (optional)

in a large bowl, soak the cashews and almonds in filtered water overnight.
Strain out the water and place the nuts in a blender (if you have a high powered one it’s better, but not necessarily.)
Add 3 cups of fresh water, the sugar, and vanilla.
Blend until the nuts are very smooth.
Filter through a cloth or nut milk bag, gently squeezing to let out of the delicious cream.
Optional, stir in 1/2 (or more) of your favorite whiskey.

Enjoy cold or ever your favorite desserts.

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