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Skin care is the new trend.
Talking about how we keep our largest organ healthy has finally become more important than secrets to effectively covering it up.

I’m not opposed to makeup. Honestly, there is a time and place and makeup can make you feel more confident and, yes, even more beautiful. I won’t talk about the standards of beauty but makeup can sometimes be a needed ego boost.

However, the more important topic is how we keep our skin healthy 365 days of the year so we can feel proud of our face even without makeup on it.

You know Nik of Thyme is about the power of plants so today I will share with you the all natural skin care regime I’ve carried with me the last decade. It’s honestly magic and how I keep looking so fresh and beautiful.

My Skin Care Routine
Daily –
I wash my face with mild soap and water (morning, noon and night)
I apply apple cider vinegar based toner in the mornings.
I eat a teaspoon of fresh aloe vera (usually in water or smoothie).

Weekly –
Twice weekly I apply fresh aloe vera gel to my face.
Once a week, exfoliate entire face and body with a coffee or oatmeal based scrub.
Once or twice a week I use tea tree oil to deep cleanse my pores.

Once a month I add a bit more moisture with a coconut oil.


How to Use Various Preparations

Coffee Ground Scrub

Stimulates blood flow for new cell growth.
Helps diminish the look of cellulite by toning the skin.
Helps to dry up oily skin.
Removes rough skin patches on elbows, knees and feet.

used grounds from after making  a normal cup of coffee.

Once a week or every 2 weeks. (at least once a month as maintenance)
Rub grounds in a circular motion over face, elbows and other dry spots of skin. Do not rub too hard, gentle circles is enough to exfoliate. I also find this messy and do it outside with the garden hose or in the sink where I can catch the grains before they go down the drain.

use fresh after cooled from your morning cup and compost unused potion.

Oatmeal Scrub

Mild and good for delicate skin.
Cost effective and very good at exfoliating the skin.


  • 2 tablespoons oats
  • 1 tablespoon epsom salts
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil (optional, can use water)

Lightly process the oat in a blender to make them into smaller pieces but not flour.
Mix in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and use as needed.

If I want to do a second scrub in the same week, I I would use oatmeal instead of repeating coffee.
This is also great when used every other week alternating with coffee.
Best used fresh, store in fridge between use to elongate lifespan.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural astringent to increase blood flow
Restores the natural ph balance of the skin.
Kills some bacteria preventing acne.

Give your skin tone and glow.
Prevents pain after a sunburn and helps to heal.

in your bottle of choice mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water.
Spray or wipe onto the face 1-2 times daily.
Room temperature


Aloe Vera

Benefits: Anti aging.
Highly nutritive for the skin.
Anti inflammatory.
Great for healing wounds and sunburns.
Good hair soak for treating dandruff.  
Cut the leafs near the base of the plant.
Allow to strain dark sap for for 6-12 hours standing upright in a jar.
Cut of skin to remove the thick inner gel.
For more information read about aloe vera here.
Use fresh from the plant or blended.
Smear on anywhere needed including, face, skin and hair.
Best to rinse off of face 20 minutes after applying.
Best used fresh.
If needed, store in the fridge 1-3 week or in the freezer 1-2 months

Tea Tree oil

Anti inflammatory and antimicrobial.
Helps treat acne.
Helps manage oily skin.
Helps treat infections.
Great for treating dandruff.
Mix a few drops into your oatmeal scrub, apple cider vinegar, or your aloe vera for easiest use.
Diluted in coconut oil 2 drops for every 10 of oil.
Dilute 6-10 drops of tea tree oil in water 50 ml of water
Use: 2-3 times a week.
If you have very oily skin or a lot of acne you can consider using tea tree oil diluted with apple cider vinegar and water daily.
NOTE keep away from the eyes and other sensitive skin.
room temperature.

Coconut oil

Deep moisturizer.
Mild antibacterial properties.
Repairs skin cells to help heal wounds and sunburn.
1 T in oatmeal scrub (see recipe above)
or in aloe vera gel to make cream (see this post for more)
Or use a teaspoon directly on face, elbos or other rough patches.
I use this once a month in either my aloe vera or my oatmeal scrub to give myself a deep moisturizing
If using the oil directly, I apply to my hair or skin for 1 hour and wash of with mild soap and warm water.
room temperature.


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