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My lifestyle goes beyond cooking and gardening to include my spirituality and philosophy for life. We talk about slow-food but I want to extend the concept to that of a slow-life. Firstly, I want to inspire you into a plant based life from your home all the way to where you spend your free time. Secondly, want to show you what I see and do in my beautiful slice of Mexican paradise.  Yet, most importantly, I want to help you build a positive home space where you feel happy and comfortable. You should know how to entertain guests and how to decorate with plants from fresh to cut to dried. Home is a central part of our life and or identity I want to invite you into mine with hope that you will find ways to improve your own.

Ultimately, you are about to enter a queer home while I see no difference between my home and others I do know this brings a unique perspective to household matters. In my Lifestyle section I want to talk about relationships not only romantic ones but all those we encounter in all moments of life. We can’t forget our relationship with ourselves, our emotions and our spirituality. We are thrust into our bodies through the lens of society and that often doesn’t leave us ample time to reflect on who we truly are and truly want to be. I have struggled and I am certain that I will continue to, but I want to share with you my story and my journey to help you feel body-positive and empowered to take care of the only one you have.  


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  • Anna

    Live Slow and Die Old :p

    • Nik

      That’s the spirit!

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